How Can Muscle Building and Fat Loss At Same Time

Fat Burning Education : Guys Looking that - your body needs energy running, and it relies on a certain number of calories to do so. When you take in fewer calories than what your system needs and employs, the body is forced to obtain those extra calorie consumption from somewhere. Thus, it gets it through your internal stores when i. e. from your current stored fat. That is why, if you eat below what you employ, you will burn off more fat!

In addition to that, the lower the carbohydrates levels in your blood, the more fat that is burnt. So that's why you get those low carbohydrate diets being thrown around everywhere! However this is not so great for muscle gain again, because the less carbohydrates in your blood, the more muscle loss!
So we've looked at diet, but what about exercise?

Well for fat loss, you are required to do a lot more cardio, which burns the more fat during exercise. In fact, by doing it on an empty stomach early in the morning, you will burn the most fat! Again unfortunately, this leads to muscle loss though!

However at least, both muscle gain and fat loss agree that by doing weight lifting, with heavy weights and aiming for 6-12 reps, you can achieve fat burning but also muscle gain too.

Super Muscle Building Science Tips...:

Well unlike fat burning, to make sure you do not burn off any muscle, you want to make sure that you eat more calories than you use. This way your body doesn't have to go into its internal stores, which would burn muscle!
In addition to all that, you are looking for a diet which contains a higher level of carbohydrates, protein and fat compared to what you would have for fat loss.

  • More carbohydrates means less muscle breakdown.
  • More protein, means more muscle growth.
  • More fat, leads to hormones being secreted which boost your muscle growth.

But again this type of diet makes it hard to burn fat!
Finally, in terms of exercise, weight-lifting helps prepare your muscles, so they are ready for the incoming nutrients to be built back bigger. But you want to avoid cardio, as much as possible, because it leads to muscle loss!

Question Again...Can You Gain Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time?

Well, science says there is a MASSIVE contradiction in the diet for someone who is trying to burn fat and gain muscle!

Looking at exercise, both agree on weightlifting…BUT where cardio is important to fat loss, it is important to avoid it for muscle gain!

So UNFORTUNATELY, achieving fat loss and muscle gain at the same time, is virtually impossible, UNLESS, you somehow have some of the best genetics in the world! 

Those “Gurus” only tell you that it’s possible, because they know that’s what you want to hear, and it means you’re more likely to buy their product! I’m NOT here to please some fantasy you have, I’m here to help you get actual results!

What Is The Solution?

Search that, your body needs energy to own, and it uses a certain number of calories to do this. When you eat fewer calories than what the body needs and employs, the body is forced to have those extra unhealthy calories from somewhere. Thus, it gets it from your internal stores we. e. from your current stored fat. This is why, if you eat under what you work with, you will burn up more fat!

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